Transmission line inspection

Visual inspection

Helicopters make effective inspection of power transmission lines over any type of terrain possible.

Thermographic inspection

Airlift can carry out infrared thermograph inspection of powerlines. This is done using an forward looking IR camera on a gyrostabilised WesCam mounting. This equipment registers temperature change of one-tenth celcius, exposing transmission line anomalies quickly and effectively.

Thermographic inspection is conducted by qualified personell. A report showing exposed anomalies and their seriousness is then delivered to the customer. Various repair measures are also proposed.

Corona inspection

Corona interference in high-voltage transmission lines and transformers is difficult to detect.  Airlift can carry out corona measurement using newly developed technology.  The Day Corll bispectrala corona was co-developed by Israeli OFIL  and US  Electrical Power Resarch Institute (EPRI).

The camera is capable of viewing corona and arcing activity in full sunlight. Faults causing corona activity can therefore be effectively detected.