Technical Services 

EASA Part-M / Part-145

Airlift is a holder of EASA  Part-M and Part-145 approvals for helicopters.  Airlift's technical department has more then twenty years experience with maintenance and modifications on helicopter especially for the AS350 fleet.  In addition to perform design and  maintenance on own helicopters, Airlift also sells technical services to other helicopter companies.

Part-M - Continuing Airworthiness Management Organsisation

Part M - Subpart G Approval Number: NO.MG.0001 / AOC N- 006


  • Maintenance engineering  (Continuing Airworthiness Management).
  • Airworthiness Review (ARC)
  • Aircraft Type capability:
    • Airbus Helicopters AS332 Series
    • Airbus Helicopters AS350 / EC130
    • Leonardo Helicopters AW169 


Download our Approval Certificate and Schedule in PDF here

Part-145 - Approved Maintenance Organisation

Part-145 Approval Number: NO.145.0104


  • Base and Line maintenance on the following aircraft types:
    • Airbus Helicopters AS332 C/C1/L/L1
    • Airbus Helicopters AS350 BA/B1/B2/B3
    • Airbus Helicopters EC130 B4
    • Leonardo Helicopters AW169
  • Components maintenance rating for:
    • C05 Electrical Power
    • C06 Equipment
    • C14 Landing Gear

Download our Approval Certificate in PDF here
Download our Approval Schedule in PDF here


Our technical staff, which include engineers, avionics technicians and skilled workers, perform design, all types of maintenance from daily inspections to major inspections of the helicopters.