Airlift to take over pilotage service from Lufttransport

The contract period with the Norwegian Coastal Administration starts on 1 July 2017. For the next six years, Airlift will be transporting Norwegian pilots to large vessels and vessels carrying dangerous cargo. This huge contract will add around NOK 100 million to the company's annual turnover. 

‘1 July 2017 is a big day and a milestone in the company’s history. It’s an important contract for us,’ says CEO Stian Hårklau of Airlift. 

First in Norway to use new helicopter type

When heading for the Kårstø, Sture, Mongstad, Nyhavna or Melkøya terminals, large vessels that carry dangerous and/or polluting cargo are required to have a pilot on board. The company has bought three new helicopters for the demanding task of transferring the pilots to the ships.
‘Three brand new helicopters of the type AW169 have been delivered from Italy to Førde Airport. They are equipped with new technology, including an extended nose section with a built-in radar and navigation system. We are the first company in Norway to start using this type of helicopter. The weather along the Norwegian coast is harsh, and we must be able to fly under challenging conditions,’ explains Hårklau.

Looking for more offshore assignments

This is Airlift’s biggest contract to date. With newly established bases in Bergen and Hammerfest, Airlift is well equipped to take on the assignment. The contract is important in many ways.
‘Carrying the pilots offshore and putting them down safely on board large vessels in open waters has similarities with other offshore operations. Together with our owners, and as part of the NHV group, Airlift considers the contract to be a cornerstone in our effort to procure more assignments in the Norwegian offshore market,’ says Hårklau. 

It is the Norwegian Coastal Administration that is responsible for the pilotage service and that awarded the contract to Airlift. In addition to the price, the safety of personnel and delivery stability were decisive for the choice of company.

More information:
CEO of Airlift
Stian Hårklau
+47 482 06 117

Airlift is awarded of AW169 technical approvals

On the 26th of April AIRLIFT AS has been awarded from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority of both Continuing Airworthiness and Maintenance Organisation Approvals on Leonardo AW169 helicopter in accordance with EU 1321/2014 (Annex I EASA Part-M and Annex II EASA Part-145).

AIRLIFT, first Norwegian organisation to add the AW169 to its approvals, is willing to offer technical AW169 services to third party operators, especially in Norway and Scandinavia where the new type have good market potentials on off shore as well governmental duties.

The milestone has been reached more than one month in advance to the delivery of three new AW169, that will be operated by AIRLIFT from 1st of July on Maritime Pilot Services (LOS) from its bases on the airports of Bergen and Hammerfest, on a 6 years contract with the Norwegian Coastal Agency (Kystverket) as well as made available for ad-hoc charters.

Also AIRLIFT’s Design Organisation (DOA), that has previously worked on the AW139, is near to completion of its first modification on the AW169 for a third party customer.

 Airlift AS will add 3 AW169 to its fleet.

Airlift AS will add 3 AW169 to its fleet.


Airlift AS, based at Forde Airport in Bygstad, Norway, has more than 25 years of experience flying for a wide range of customers in the fields of Aerial Work, Heavy-Lift and Search and Rescue. The company is part of the NHV Group and operates 19 of the group’s helicopters.

For more information about Airlift AS visit and


For more information about this release please contact Airlift AS at or via phone at +47 57 71 81 00.


The Norwegian Polar institute has awarded Airlift as partner for helicopter service in the Arctic.

The contract was awarded in competition with several bidders, and the Norwegian Polar Institute considered Airlift’s offer the most economical advantageous. The assessment of tenders considered safety, technical qualifications, experience from Arctic operations and price.

The contract will commence January 2017 and have a duration of 3 years, with an option of one plus one year extension.

The contract is subject to appeal period in accordance with rules on public procurement.

New Managing Director of Airlift AS

Førde 4th of August

Stian Hårklau is appointed as the new Managing Director of Airlift AS, following Johnny Skoglund who has been acting Managing Director since December 1st 2015.
Stian Hårklau has experience from various Norwegian companies and his latest position was as Managing Director of Enoro Norway AS.  Stian takes on his new responsibilities as of September 1st 2016.
-    “We are proud to introduce Stian Hårklau as the new Managing Director of Airlift AS.  He has   an exiting and relevant background and his previous experience will be useful for Airlift AS. With Stian as the new leader of Airlift AS, we shall strengthen our position in the market and improve the companies profitably”, says the Chairman of the Board of Airlift, Lars Henrik Thørngreen.
Stian Hårklau has got a “Master of Management” from BI (The Norwegian School of Management) and has held several management positions in Firda Billag, Fjord1, Flåm AS and recently as Managing Director of Enoro Norge AS.
-    “Helicopter is a new business for me, but I hope and believe that my experience from other businesses, will be of value for Airlift going forward.  I look forward to develop and grow the company further together with a highly qualified organization”, says Stian.
Stian is 34 years old and lives in Førde.


Airlift awarded Western Corridor II contract

Valard Norway has selected Airlift as its helicopter partner on Statnetts project Western Corridor II.

This is the first major project Airlift is doing together with Valard Norway, and the project is starting 18th of July.

During the period leading up to 2021, Statnett will upgrade the voltage in the Western Corridor from the current voltage of 300 kV to 420 kV. The Western Corridor is a collective term for the main grid in south-western Norway, including the counties of Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder and Rogaland.

The project implies the construction of over 100 kilometre with new 420 kV transmission line on the route Ertsmyra-Tjørholm-Lyse, Lyse-Duge and north of Lysebotn.  The project also includes the demolition of approximately 90 kilometer of existing 300 kV transmission line on the route Solholm-Tonstad, Tonstad-Tjørholm and Lyse Duge.

Varlard Norway is a company within the Quanta Service Group, which is the largest company within the North American Energy business.

Airlift has established a project base at Handeland in Sirdal, and will over the project period use 2-3 helicopters of the Airbus AS 350 Ecureuil series supported with the Airbus AS332C, a heavy lifter with a max load of 4000 kilo.

100.000 flight hours!

The pilots currently employed in Airlift, in June 2016 passed 100,000 flight hours totally flown for the company.

With 31 employed pilots, this means that every pilot has averaged 3.225 flying hours behind the controls on Airlift’s helicopters.

Airlift is proud to have such an experienced and capable group of pilots in the company.

Our pilots have performed a number of different missions on its way to 100,000 hours.
Some examples: Transporting materials and concrete for hydro power dam projects, avalanche protection work, recording of James Bond film, delivery of materials for building cabins, passenger transport, polar bear and seagull counting at Spitsbergen, expeditions in Antarctica, search and rescue service for the governor of Svalbard, search and rescue services for the the Air Force, air ambulance service, training missions with the Navy and central grid power line construction.

Airlift is the largest and leading helicopter company on the Norwegian onshore market and has over the years built an unique expertise in various operational missions including sling and hoist operations.

Some annual key data for Airlift AS:
                Approximately 10,000 flight hours
                Approximately 40,000 landings in different type of terrain
                Approximately 38,000 sling/hoist operations

NHV Group becomes one of the largest European helicopter operators by acquiring Blueway and operating the first two EC175s

Ostend, December 19, 2014. NHV, a fast growing international helicopter operator, announces today that it has completed the acquisition of Blueway, making it one of the largest European helicopter transport operators.

In line with its growth strategy, and in order to provide even more efficient services to its clients, NHV, supported by its shareholder Ardian and its founder and CEO, Eric van Hal, has ordered 16 Airbus Helicopters EC175. With the delivery of the first two on December 11th, the first commercial flights have already been performed for oil and gas missions, making the NHV Group the first operator of this new generation of helicopters. These additions reaffirm NHV’s position as owning and operating one of the youngest, state-of-the-art and safest fleets in the industry. With the acquisition of Blueway, the NHV Group becomes the only operator with a presence in all Oil and Gas producing countries in the North Sea region, as well as a leading position in West Africa. The combined group now employs around 650 people across the globe, with a combined turnover of US$270 million.

About NHV Group 
The various companies in the NHV Group are: NHV, DanCopter A/S, Blueway Offshore Norge AS, Vertech Offshore As and Airlift AS. NHV Group, based in Ostend, Belgium, is specialized in Business-to-Business aviation services and has strong geographic presence in the North Sea, with a solid track record of rapid international expansion and a leading position in Western Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria). NHV, Blueway Offshore Norge and DanCopter delivers offshore crew change services in the North Sea and selected locations world-wide. In addition NHV also operates in the market segments of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (“HEMS”) and Maritime Services, which include Search and Rescue (“SAR”), offshore Wind Turbines and Harbor Pilot Services. Vertech Offshore is the market leader in flare tip replacement by helicopter on offshore installations globally. Airlift is the leading supplier in Norway of power grid construction and maintenance services. Airlift is also a leading supplier of people transport, services to the telecom industry, construction, avalanche safety and power plant construction sites. NHV Group operates a diverse fleet of 62 helicopters in total (EC225, AS332L2, AS332C, EC175, AW139, EC155B1, AS365, EC145, MD Explorer, and AS350) with a solid order book of 16 helicopters (14 EC175, 2AW139) for the coming 3 years. 

About Ardian 
Ardian, founded in 1996 and led by Dominique Senequier, is a premium independent private investment company with assets of US$47bn managed or advised in Europe, North America and Asia. The company, which is majority-owned by its employees, keeps entrepreneurship at its heart and delivers investment performance to its global investors while fuelling growth in economies across the world. Ardian’s investment process embodies three values: excellence, loyalty and entrepreneurship. Ardian maintains a truly global network, with more than 330 employees working through ten offices in Paris, London, New York, Beijing, Frankfurt, Jersey, Luxembourg, Milan, Singapore and Zurich. The company offers its 300 investors a diversified choice of funds covering the full range of asset classes, including Fund of Funds (primary, early secondary and secondary), Direct Funds including Infrastructure, Expansion, Mid Cap Buyout, Ardian Croissance, Co-Investment and Private Debt.


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